Our Clients


Farmers are the main consumers of construction material:

  • Fencing
  • Shelter for animals
  • Storage
  • Housing

We provide affordable solutions to satisfy these demands with better properties including the saving of costs

Private Households

We offer high quality ang good looking solutions like:

  • furnitures (indoor + outdoor)
  • flooring
  • decking
  • acessoirs

The products look very smart. Compare to the quality and the lifetime and the look, our products are very costly. 


As most of our Kenyan households use firewood or charcoal for cooking we provide an affordable alternative made from agriculture by-products.


E.g. Schools and Churches need robust furnitures and huge quantities of fuel for cooking. We provide the solutions by delivering huge quantities with contantly high quality. 

Business Premisses

E.g. Hotels that need furnishing and fuel for cooking.