About Us

Chief Executive Director and Chief Technology Officer

Andreas Hellmann, M.Sc.



Our Story

We are young entrepreneurs looking behind the "normal" business. How can we meet the demand and still benefit the environment and the people who need perspectives. In 2012 the founder of this project, Eng. Andreas Hellmann came to Kenya for the first time. This visit changed his life and from that time on he has focussed on creating a solution to benefit the wonderful country Kenya. This is in regards to the environment and the people in rural areas who need employment in a sustainable way. As an engineer he found a way  of transforming by-products from agriculture and plastic waste into valuable products.

Our raw materials like post consumer plastics and agriculture by-products are bought locally. That means we create new income possibilities for farmers, households and waste pickers etc. On the other hand the demand for wood in Kenya is huge and the area of forests has decreased rapidly.

Andreas developed for years a solution to combine the agriculture by-products with the plastic to create a material which has the ability to substitute wood. Furtunately these products have advantages over wood and we can produce them for affordable prices. If you imagine a farmer has to fence his field which cost a lot money and after some years he has to replace the posts. Our products will support him to save his money and give him the opportunity to invest in fertilizers or new techniques and to secure the food supply at the end of the chain. Why? Because our products don´t rot and are long lasting. So the farmer fences once and can be focussed in farming :)

Our Mission

To satisfy our customers with high quality products and create positive impacts to the environment and the community as much as possible.