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Construction Material and Jiko Pellets

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Why a Solution

The demand for wood in Kenya is that huge, that the area of forests decreased within the last 50 years from 30% to 1.7%. The industrial development and the increase in population has caused an increase in demand for wood. It is time for alternatives that are affordable and improved to replace the ordinary products. And here we are :-)


The main applications for wood are constructions and fuel for cooking. We manufacture Construction Materials for many applications e.g. posts, boards, furnitures, walls, complete houses etc. and Jiko Pellets for cooking and industrial use. 


Using our products contributes alot in reducing deforestation in large scale. But that is not enough! Our technology also helps in creating new income opportunities for 1,000 Kenyans in rural areas. We also transform waste materials to valuable products, resulting to clean environment which leads to reduction of health problems and prevention of severe climatic changes.