We transform waste materials into synthetic wood


The growing global population requires more and more raw materials. Natural resources are increasingly exhausted, forests are increasingly being deforestated due to the need for wood, agricultural land or for settlement. Alternatives are needed to stop the exploitation of the earth and the destruction of nature. 


At the same time we produce enormous amounts of waste every day, e.g. at home, in industry and commerce or in agriculture. So now we are confronted with the plastic waste pollution of the oceans and whole mountains of plastic waste, which have massive impacts on the planet and ourselves.


On the other hand, the world community is looking for solutions for developing countries to finally promote development, reduce poverty and improve education in order to create life perspectives there.  



We see these massive problems and the resulting dramatic scenarios as an incentive to create a solution.


With Smart Wood we are able to transform the mountains of waste into a synthetic wood and to process this wood to produce the building materials needed for the construction and other wood and even plastic alternatives.


To do this, we use the plastic waste and farm residues to produce a durable, wood-like material that can be processed into almost any shape.


Plastic and fibre materials, so-called composite materials, are not new, but have become more the rule than the exception. Already Henry Ford used natural fibre reinforced plastics in the middle of the 20th century.


However, our motivation and focus sets us apart. Our focus lies in so-called developing countries, because on the one hand we are experiencing the effects of the plastic waste problem on a massive scale here, and on the other hand the population is growing rapidly, the demand for building materials is high and growing and the forests there are being cleared massively. 


The use of this waste is a sustainable approach and generates new sources of income locally for the people who collect, sort, process and sell the plastic waste to us, and also enables us to create jobs for qualified people and to offer local training opportunities ourselves. 




Finalist of the Climate Launchpad 2019



Winner of the borek.digital accelerator 2019

Now for the question: How can I contribute to get such a great project off the ground?

Smart Wood Solution wants everyone to benefit and is therefore looking for investors and pay back your investment with return and so that in the end everyone benefits. You can find more information and the secure investment opportunity at invest-sws.com.

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